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Pelican 2450 Stealthlite rechargeable flashlight


Model No.:

StealthLite 2450 ACF


Peak Beam Candlepower:


Tested Lumens:




Battery Burntime:

3.5 Hrs.

Lamp Life:

30 hours


6.5" in length


Black, Yellow

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Pelican's Rechargeable 2450 StealthLite TM is a rugged powerful indestructible water resistant flashlight with an unbreakable corrosion proof ABS body and hi-impact polycarbonate lens. Its Laser Spot TM Xenon lamp module gives an unsurpassed white collimated beam, which can cut through water, smoke, fog, and rain making it a perfect light source for all applications. The state-of-the-art smart charger allows for a fast 3-4 hour charge time while the LED light indicates the charge state of the battery and eliminates overcharging and over heating. The Rechargeable StealthLite TM has a one handed on/off locking switch plus a heavy-duty lanyard and is approved for FM, CSA, and CENELEC standards making the flashlight safe to be used in gaseous or electrical hazardous environments.

Rechargeable NiHM battery pack included.



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